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UMKM FOCUS The Business Incubator moves synergistically with Astha Kolaboraksi (Assistant-Daily Administrators-Government-Community -Companies-Business Actors-Academics-Media) in creating classy UMKM together with Competent Mentors through the 4GO stages (Go Legal – Go Modern – Go Digital – Go Global) . FOKUS has been involved for more than 10 years in Training – Mentoring – Professional Testing – Curation – Events – Mentoring – Halal Center – Business Incubator – Collaboration. a platform that complements the needs of Competent Mentors in all Provinces in Indonesia. Social Media IG/FB/Tiktok: @focusumkm4go collaborates with FOKUS UMKM in developing Companions, Facilitators, Trainers and MSME Actors for entrepreneurship and innovation through the right technology and stages, along with the values of Nationalism, Collaboration, Active, Creative, Informative, Empowered competitive and sustainable.

FOKUS UMKM Inkubator Bisnis

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